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At this time, however, tech support is only staffed from 7 a. Mondays - Fridays, 9 a. Saturdays, Central Time. There are several possible reasons for this problem. Either A the checkbox was not selected in front of the SMS entry on the Alert Editor, B you have a 1 in front of your number when the 1 is not supported by your wireless carrier, C you don't have a 1 in front of your number and the carrier requires it, D the SMS text message was caught by a spam filter at your local wireless carrier they may decided it was spam , or E the wireless carrier simply failed to deliver the message.

Wireless carriers do not guarantee delivery of SMS text messages.

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We hope this does not happen to you. To confirm Alert notifications are being sent properly, set up an email alert select the email checkbox along with the SMS text checkbox.

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Your browser is likely disabling pop-ups. Enable pop-ups either once, or for the entire site and a separate browser window will appear with turn-by-turn driving directions when you request a route. The map will show entries similar to those in a local telephone book for the area you are viewing on the map.

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Saturday 9 a. Are the satellites down? Is your system down?

What could be happening? A: Just upgrade your subscription You can simply upgrade your existing plan. To do this, log in your account, click on Make Payment from the Account menu and then click the Upgrade button next to the phone subscription you would like to upgrade. Q How to check if the target phone runs Android 4. Read the following article Q How to check if the target phone runs Android 4.

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  • A: Use the Account section of our website Please read the following article to find out all the details. To avoid any inconvenience we suggest you to use only A-Z , numbers and common signs.

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    • However for languages such as Russian, Serbian or Arabic you can use diacritics. Q: How to check if the SMS commands have been processed? A: Compare data You will need to check the last settings update on the phone.

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      Before comparing data you will need to make sure that you have set your time zone. Otherwise this data will be reported to our servers time. Q: How to synchronize the settings faster? A: Restart the application or the target phone The settings are synchronized automatically after about 12 hours.


      For a faster synchronization you can try to reopen Spy Phone App or to restart turn off and on the target phone while the internet connection is ON. You can download it for free from VLC audio player If you have VLC installed on your computer, you will be able to listen the recordings directly online. Simply log in your account on our website, go to Surroundings section right menu and click on the Magnifying Glass next to the recording you want to listen.